MedMal Direct Insurance Company is one of the fastest growing professional liability insurance companies in the nation and is the only national medical malpractice insurance carrier to exclusively offer its policies direct to physicians. MedMal Direct is a licensed and authorized stock insurance company providing comprehensive medical malpractice insurance coverage to physicians and ancillary clinical personnel. Currently offering coverage in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio and Missouri, we select only the highest quality physicians to insure. This cornerstone of our philosophy leads to less risk and fewer claims, creates better financial results, and allows us to provide lower rates and consistent pricing.

Why MedMal Direct

At MedMal Direct, we offer a more cost-effective and efficient way to purchase malpractice coverage – directly from the Insurance Company. You cannot buy our coverage through an independent agent or broker and we do not pay commissions to the independent agents or brokers traditionally used to bring you to the company. Instead, we initiate and maintain direct relationships with our physicians. By using our direct-write distribution model, we cut out the middleman and we pass the savings on to you!

» Admitted stock insurance company

MedMal Direct Insurance Company is a Florida domestic stock insurance company that is fully licensed and approved as an admitted carrier by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. In addition, MedMal Direct is admitted in each additional state that it provides coverage in.

MedMal Direct files quarterly and annual financial statements and other information to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). To view our filed financial statements and other information, please go to the NAIC website company search page.

» Financial Stability Rating® of A, Exceptional

We are proud of our financial strength and it is no accident. Our rating reflects objective, third party confidence in our financial structure, our business model and our management team. In the words of the third-party actuarial professionals from Demotech, Inc., “this Financial Stability Rating® is assigned to insurers who possess exceptional financial stability related to maintaining positive surplus as regards to policyholders, liquidity of invested assets, and acceptable level of financial leverage, reasonable loss and adjustment expense reserves, and realistic pricing.”

» Our Reinsurance

MedMal Direct is backed by a panel of international reinsurance partners with combined assets of $125 Billion and includes Lloyd’s of London, Bermuda, Germany, Switzerland and U.S. based reinsurers, all of which have a financial stability rating of A+ (Superior) or A (Excellent) from A.M. Best.

MedMal Direct’s reinsurance program provides multiple layers of protection for MedMal Direct and its policyholders and provides the peace of mind that you deserve. So relax, we will be here when you need us!

» Buying direct saves time and money

At MedMal Direct, we think “It’s Better to Be Direct!” We save you money by selling directly to you – no middleman! You cannot buy insurance from us through an independent broker or agent.

Furthermore, by creating and maintaining a relationship directly with our insured policyholders, we are able to streamline the customer service experience. Our highly knowledgeable staff will also take great pleasure in immediately answering any question you may have about any aspect of our company or your coverage. Just give us a call!

Through our streamlined distribution model, we are causing a paradigm shift in the world of medical malpractice insurance by reducing our costs, and passing that savings to you. We are delighted to be able to help physicians reduce their overhead in these difficult economic times.

» A Simple Truth: No Middleman = Lower Cost

Over the last 100 years, medical malpractice insurance companies have utilized independent agencies and brokerages to bring the insurance buyer to them by paying them up to 12% of the written premium as their commission. In addition to the brokerage commission, this system further increases the cost to the physician by requiring that further expenses be incurred by the insurance company to manage these independent agents and to provide further incentives for their business production.

And, because the brokerage commission is based on the amount of premium written (ie: the price you pay for your insurance) the agent’s compensation is directly related to your invoice.

We thought there was a better way. So, at MedMal Direct, we have eliminated the middleman and the costs associated therewith.

» But don’t I need a broker?

There are some physicians who may need, or prefer to work through a broker. But that being said, we thought the option should exist for physicians and surgeons to buy their medical professional liability insurance directly from the company and enjoy the benefits that come from that direct relationship: Better Service and Lower Cost.

» The only national direct-write medical malpractice insurance carrier

We are the only national exclusively direct-write medical malpractice insurance company. It is that simple. All of the other companies utilize a more expensive distribution model to bring the business to the insurance company.

» Insuring high quality physicians leads to fewer claims

Our underwriters are experienced analysts. They ask questions, seek data from multiple sources, and provide a thorough analysis of the physician’s risk exposure to the Underwriting Committee. This committee is made up of experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of medical malpractice insurance, underwriting and claims.

Additionally, we have a Board of Medical Advisors that is second to none! These distinguished physicians lend their time and expertise across their various specialties and are available to advise our team on any number of clinical issues. You can meet our Board of Medical advisors by clicking here.

Our job as underwriters is to offer actuarially sound quotes only to physicians who will be good risks for the company, keeping our claims costs to a minimum and saving you more money.

» Our ten minute application will save you thousands of dollars

Our application is easy, after all, we had our customers in mind when we created it!

Our Underwriters have access to many different databases which allow access to most information that concerns a physician’s education and claims history. All we really need to know, beyond that which is already available to us is: your current location(s) of practice, your current specialty of practice, your current/pending claims information, and the answers to a few questions about the status of your license, the status of your hospital privileges and the basic “are you a felon?” questions.

Thus, our application has two pages of data, one page for claims information and one signature page. That’s it!

» Management Team has over 125 years of experience

MedMal Direct is fortunate to have on its management team some of the deepest experience in the entire medical malpractice insurance industry. Our Chairman has over 48 years of experience in the insurance world, and our President has over 38 years of experience in the fields of medical malpractice insurance and healthcare risk management. Add in our CEO and COO and you arrive at well over 125 years of successful management experience in the world of insurance and finance.

Our Management Team is honored to have built a company that helps physicians reduce their overhead and defend their practice, their reputation and their future. We are also proud to be causing a paradigm shift in the medical malpractice insurance marketplace. Every day in the news we hear our political and business leaders discuss different ways to reduce the cost of healthcare. Our company is setting the new standard; we are lowering costs and we are proud to be a part of the solution.

» Knowledgeable Board of Medical Advisors

The members of the Board of Medical Advisors are a cornerstone of MedMal Direct Insurance Company. They represent many clinical specialties and are tasked with applying knowledge, insight and advice on the current management and future direction of all aspects of the company, including underwriting, litigation management, risk management and analysis of national trends. Click here to meet them.

» Aggressive defense of lawsuits

Our claims team has some of the most experienced medical malpractice claims professionals in the business. They have extensive experience in managing, mediating and taking claims to trial.

The climate for handling medical malpractice claims is extremely tough, and our team excels in this environment. We are well known around the industry and will vigorously defend frivolous lawsuits with the only the finest and most experienced medmal defense attorneys around.

We will act quickly to gather all of the data surrounding the newly reported potential claim and will analyze it with our team of experts, which includes you. Yes, you are the scientist on this team and your input is highly valued. We will work closely with you to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. This helps everyone involved. If this is a defensible case, then we will implement an aggressive defense with the best defense attorneys.


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